Back in April, I went crazy knitting little things using the patterns in Teeny-Tiny Mochimochi by Anna Hrachovec. I made so many things that I didn’t post them all at the time. Here are more of the adorable patterns from the book.

I’m most attracted to the animals in the book. I know I shared them before, but here are more chickens, which I really enjoy making. Their shape appeals to me.

Chickens! Need I say more?

I also made a lion which proved hard to photograph. Here’s my best shot:

It's a lion. Honest.
It’s a lion. Honest.
See? Lion.
See? Lion.

The book has patterns of other things, including food, people, and inanimate objects. I usually avoid food, since I have so many issues with food sensitivities, but I couldn’t resist the baked potato.

A baked potato with eyes. (no pun intended)
A baked potato with eyes. (no pun intended)

I also made two of the inanimates for a friend. One is a plane (she is an aerospace engineer) and the other, a tiny tropical island (she loves to travel).

Airplane (with eyes!)
A desert island, complete with palm tree and water (but no eyes -- sorry, Anna!)
A desert island, complete with palm tree and water (but no eyes — sorry, Anna!)

All the patterns in Hrachovec’s book have eyes stitched on them because “the only thing cuter than a mini knitted forest is a mini knitted forest with twenty-eight little eyes looking back at you”. Most of the time, the eyes do make the inanimate stuff even cuter, but I left them off the island. I felt like they made it harder to tell what you were looking at.

What are your favorite little knitting and crochet projects?

4 thoughts on “Finished Friday: More Cute Teeny-Tiny Knits”

  1. I love the airplane and the tropical island! Since I know who you made them for, I think they are perfect! They ALMOST make me want to learn to knit.

    1. Knitting is fun! And you get to make all sorts of crazy stuff. But we all have the Thing We Aren’t Willing To Do. Weaving is on my list. I love how it looks but I already have plenty of time-consuming hobbies with lots of equipment. The last thing I need is another one. What’s your reason for not wanting to knit?

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