Handmade Holidays: Easy DIY Fabric Wreath

As a quilter, I have plenty of fabric lying around. When I decide I want to dress the house up for a holiday, the first thing I think of is ways to use fabric. This fabric Christmas wreath can be adapted to any holiday and is quick and easy to make. All you need is an 18″ wire wreath frame from a craft store, fabric and scissors. (You can do some sewing if you want, but I didn’t bother.)


First, select several fabrics to use for the “greenery”. It doesn’t have to be green; use whatever color you like. I used fabrics with lots of pattern and flecks of other colors to make it look more interesting.


Cut your fabric into 1 1/2″ strips. Then cut these into pieces roughly 6 inches in length. Tie them onto the frame with a simple overhand knot, spreading the fabrics around and filling the open space until you get the density you want.


For the big bow, cut a strip of contrasting fabric 4″ wide by roughly 2 yards long. (You might have to sew pieces together for this part to get the length you need.) Then press under one inch on each side to get a final width of 2 inches. (Or you can just cut a 2-inch strip to start. I wanted the bow to have a more finished look, although I didn’t take the time to stitch the edges down.)


Tie a large bow by wrapping the “ribbon” around the entire wreath frame in the process.

And that’s it! Obviously, this method could be adapted to any holiday. Also, you can dress the wreath up by adding things to it. I’ve strung mini lights on mine by hiding the power pack for them behind the bow. I also think it would look great with small toys or ornaments added (just wire them to the frame with twist ties).

Do you make wreaths? What do you use for yours?

2 thoughts on “Handmade Holidays: Easy DIY Fabric Wreath”

    1. I wish I could tell you exactly how long it took, but I made it a few years ago, so I don’t remember. This being me, I don’t image it took much time. 🙂

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