Finished Friday: Socks Done At Last! Plus More Yarn


I had to unravel part of the left sock so I could reshape the toe, and to look up Kitchener stitch in another book, but I finally got these socks done. It turns out Kitchener stitch isn’t quite the perfect join I thought it was. There’s one edge that is bumpy and doesn’t blend in with the stockinette stitch. That knowledge, plus having tried multiple times to get it to work, helped me to be satisfied with my final try. It also looks a lot better on a short seam than a long one.

Spinning update: I was right about the Corriedale. There were neps (twisted lumps of fiber) in the roving that only combing could have removed, and since I don’t have combs or know how to do that, I just spun the roving as it was. I took advantage of the less-than-perfect Corriedale and experimented with different pulleys on my wheel to see how it felt to make thicker and thinner yarns. The nep-filled Corriedale worked a little better thick than thin, although now that I have switched to a different fiber, I can see that the neps were really causing me problems.

The fiber I just finished spinning is Bluefaced Leicester and it’s a dream to handle. 4 oz spun and plied without a single curse word!

My first Bluefaced Leicester handpun yarn.
My first Bluefaced Leicester handpun yarn.

2 thoughts on “Finished Friday: Socks Done At Last! Plus More Yarn”

  1. I have done the Kitchener stitch more times than I can count and I still look up directions each time. The joining of the last stitches always leaves a strange bump. Love your work.

    1. Thanks! I can’t imagine having Kitchener memorized, but I suppose it could happen. (right). Looking around for my next knitting project and think it may be time to experiment… Happy knitting!

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