Meet Ig

Back in November, I wrote a story that included a prince cursed with a smelly, noisy, socially inappropriate demon named Ig. I loved the idea of this little creature so much that I was inspired to make a doll. The real Ig is about two-feet tall. This facsimile is probably just under a foot tall when standing.

Ig, a funny but disgusting demon from one of my stories

I love doll making, because there are no rules and there are lots of surprises. For example, it was actually much harder to make the body for this figure than I expected. My initial tries used pieces shaped like footballs sewn together, but the results were really strange — almost square no matter how hard I tried to make it round. In the end, I just sewed a tube and then gathered the two ends closed to get an egg-shaped form.

In my story, Ig is a frog-like olive green, but I decided that wasn’t disgusting enough. I picked this pink, orange and brown batik because I didn’t have anything that looked pukier.

For those interested in technicalities: The irises are beads and the teeth and whites of the eyes are made from felt. Everything else is cotton fabric. Its fingers and arms have pipe cleaners in them so it can be posed. Its legs have sticks in them to keep them straight. The horns are fabric cones with pipe cleaner inserted so I could twist them into their funky shapes.

This article was written by Kit Dunsmore

Kit Dunsmore is a writer and an artist who wants to live in a castle, own a fire-lizard, or at least get snowed in at the library. A Renaissance woman, she is curious about everything and uses writing as an excuse to learn about whatever she likes.

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