NaNoWriMo Day 30: We have a winner!

Total Word Count: 50906
Today’s Word Count: 2159
Today’s Writing: inspired and surprising
Today’s Energy: high

I woke up with my head spinning. My muse is back in town with a load of marvelous ideas for my book. I sat down and wrote first thing this morning, trying frantically to keep up as she dumped everything out of her sack. It’s amazing to have Day 30 feel like Day 1, although I am not quite as wired or giddy as I was back at the beginning of the month. I did have the high of hitting 50,000 words today, a reminder that one way to feel good about what I’m doing is to set measurable goals, even if they seem somewhat arbitrary.

While my story isn’t finished yet, I did get to write a great scene. The prince learned that Wren is alive, only to discover that she has disappeared and that his trusted vassal lied. So there is more for him to do, and more for me to write. I will definitely be working on this again tomorrow.

The surprise for me during writing today was how I thought this scene was going to come together versus what actually got written. The characters took things into their own hands and the results were smoother and more realistic than what I had initially imagined. I enjoyed seeing this critical moment evolve without feeling like I was pulling strings. For me, this is one of the high points of writing, when things just seem to happen naturally and there is no apparent effort on my part.

Another National Novel Writing Month has come and gone and once again I am grateful to have participated. Tomorrow I’ll post about what I’ve learned this month.

3 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo Day 30: We have a winner!”

    1. That’s exactly how I feel about it! I will definitely be working on it more this month, although I can’t decide if I should be shooting for the same daily word count or not. I’d like to ease up a little, but I intend to write some more today.

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