NaNoWriMo Day 17

Today’s word count: 1551
Today’s writing: meandering and choppy
My energy level: exhausted

Roderick's Next Goal?

I almost didn’t do any writing today. I’m so far ahead of my scheduled word count at this point, that I have been thinking of taking a day off just to celebrate. I’m currently 2510 words ahead of where I need to be to reach 50K words by the end of November. But I have promised myself my day off will be on Friday (if I take one at all), because I was already looking at treating my Friday as a bit of a holiday. As much fun as I am having with my book, all this creativity under the gun is a tiring and a break sounds nice.

The prince and the snowdrake have had their mystical, question-filled talk. Once the drakon saw Ig, he was so curious about the demon that he asked a slew of questions Roderick could actually answer, giving the prince the opening he needed to find out more about what he should do next. The answer turned out to be to go to a nearby lake, which the drakon admitted is nowhere near where he will actually find Wren, but which is part of the journey he must undertake. So he’s already on his way.

I think tomorrow I may have to check in on Jasper (the envoy from Pepin) and Wren’s bodyguards who are all frantically searching the coast for the princess’s body. I’ve decided that Jasper is going to have a larger role in the book than I originally planned, and am looking forward to setting up his next move, which is ditching the bodyguard so he can chase after Wren on his own.

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