NaNoWriMo Day 1: Trying Not To Drown

Today’s word count: 1871
Today’s writing: all over the map
My energy level: manic

It doesn’t matter when I start thinking about NaNoWriMo, my story idea always shows up at the last minute. This year is no exception. My idea of writing an adventure romance only came to me this weekend. Just last night, as I tried to get a handle on what I would be writing and thought about a princess being shipwrecked on the way to her wedding, I could only hope that there would be more to work with by the time I sat down with my laptop today. I had a couple of drops of my story, and was praying for a few more drops. A teaspoon full would have seemed like a bounteous blessing.

I should have guessed it was an omen when I dreamed I wrote 67,000 words in one day. (This would be impossible for me. At my usual rate of production, 67K words would take me about 60 hours of writing.)

Forget teaspoons, tablespoons, or even cups full of story. When I woke up this morning, a story torrent was pouring over me. I was standing at the base of a gigantic waterfall, ideas pounding all around me. I frantically tried to get all my tumbling ideas onto the page. The results are chaotic at best — a bit here, a flash there, but lots and lots of potential everywhere, including things that made me giggle with glee and laugh out loud.

I’ve learned a little about my main character. She is the Princess Angelina Amythest Aurora Ariel Adora Ayre, better known as Wren. (As she says herself, “My real name is enough to make anybody puke.”) And she is a girl without fear. Thanks to a prediction made at her birth, she believes that she has a destiny to fulfill and that nothing can keep her from it. As a result, she is looking for fun and adventure without any concern for herself, much to everyone else’s consternation.

While I got her onto the boat this morning, I have yet to get her back off again. I’ve decided instead of wrecking the entire ship, I will merely push her overboard. That way she is stranded without having to kill lots of innocent people. (One of Wren’s christening gifts from the Good Faeries was a kind heart and I guess it’s rubbing off on me a little. I put her retinue on that ship and now I can’t bring myself to kill them.)

The other part of the story that came to me this morning is about the Prince she is destined to marry. I am still learning who he is, but I can tell you this much: he was cursed at his christening with something no kiss can ever cure. But more about that later, when I get to his part of the story.

A Princess with a Destiny. A Prince with a Curse. A Wedding they are Both Desperate to be part of. And lots of People and Things in their way.

As predicted, this is going to be really really fun.

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