Studio Makeover: Shelves

Yesterday morning, my studio was starting to look like a real mess again.

But it was a mess with a purpose. I had moved everything over to my work table so we could put up some shelves over my sewing desk. Now I have somewhere to put my finished pieces as well as inspirational materials I have from family, friends, and other artists.

As you can see, there’s room to play with yet, and I’ll probably be rearranging things over time. My goal yesterday was just to get the pieces I put in our family show out of the boxes and on the shelves. The top shelf is hard for me to get to; I’ll probably be storing things I don’t use very often up there. Maybe after I go through the closet that shelf will start to fill up.

Author: Kit Dunsmore

Kit is a writer and an artist who adores living in Colorado. Whether she's hiking in the mountains or walking the prairies, she's always watching the wildlife in order to learn more about the natural world.

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