More Proof That I’m Crazy

While I was away, a package I had ordered arrived from Knit Picks, and I was excited to find it waiting for me. Then I opened it up, and this is what I found:

East Meets West Satchel kit

This tapestry-style purse is a knitting project with 21 different colors of wool in it. It came in a bunch of colorways, but I went with the blue one. The pattern is really more like a novel with full color illustrations. It uses techniques I’ve heard of but some of which I’ve never done.

My initial reaction after “what was I thinking?” was to wonder if anyone had managed to put this thing together. On Ravelry, I found 30+ posts about this project and none of them said “I am going bald from all the hair pulling” (my guess is that I’ll get to be the first to say that!). A couple of them were super detailed and full of helpful hints and suggestions, so I calmed down and am now a little more eager to give this thing a try. I’m afraid, however, it will not be a relaxing-in-the-evening kind of knit since the entire thing will require lots of counting.

Step one is easy though. I have to knit a gauge swatch to make sure I buy the right size circular needles for this. After that, the real challenge will begin.

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