Owl for Inspire Me Thursday

Owl_smallFor the first time ever, Inspire Me Thursday’s theme (owl) sparked an immediate image. I saw owl eyes made out of sunflowers, and I was off. Made of fabric, ribbon, felt, and thread. I had fun with the machine embroidery.

5 thoughts on “Owl for Inspire Me Thursday”

  1. Wow- what beautiful stitchery- I’m in awe! I’ve been working on a quilt (forever) and look what you made spontaneously- fabulous! Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog!

    1. The secret is to use the machine… I am big into machine quilting. I made one bed-sized quilt that I actually quilted by hand, but I don’t have that kind of time… And I’m afraid I rushed this job. The photo is hiding a multitude of “oops”es

  2. So I just found your blog and 1 – I LOVE armadillos too – I have a fun collection that I keep mostly in my kitchen – with a minor spillage throughout the rest of my home and office…

    Also – I loved you ‘inner child’ quilt – how amazing! How did you figure out how to hang it?

    1. Armadillo lovers are welcome… 🙂 The inner child quilt is still a challenge. I think I will cut mat board to match the shape of at last the top edge, and then use a sleeve and rod to hang it (the way quilts usually are). But I still have to put some sort of pocket on the back for the board to slip into.

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