Cross-Stitch Project Completed!

Back in February, I started the Needlework Project From Hell. At the time, I claimed I was determined to get the thing done, and in fact, I worked on it steadily until I had all the embroidery and beading done. I had to use a magnifying glass to see what I was doing, and still managed to screw up a lot (as you can see in the photo). I decided to ignore the mistakes and bull my way through (and make the first side I did, which had the most mistakes, the BOTTOM of the pin cushion… 🙂 ).

The half on the left is the bottom half.

Because it was such agony to get to this point, I put the project away. I wasn’t up for more hair-tearing having worn myself out getting to this stage.  Kelleen finished her cushion recently, despite having to beat the bushes because her kit was short by a couple of tiny, unique beads. So I finally got the little monster back out, and I discovered I had done the right thing in taking a break from it.

The assembly “step” (which made up one-third of the detailed instructions) had you whipstitch the two pieces together through an outline stitch made with thread the same color as the linen.  Even with my magnifying glass, it was a nightmare. It took me four hours to put the thing together, and it’s barely 3 inches square. The funny offset that gives it the weird shape was the easiest part of the construction process.

The Pincushion From Hell
The Pincushion From Hell

So, I have one more thing in my life of which I can say: it didn’t kill me, so it must have made me stronger.

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