Studio Makeover: Progress and a project

As promised, an update regarding my studio makeover.  I found a paper towel holder at the thrift store and was lucky: the holes for the screws lined up with holes in the support bar on my shelving unit. So I was able to hang the paper towels using bolts instead of screws. No holes in the wall, and my paper towels are within easy reach.

I’ve also been working in stages on my fabric storage. Whenever I’m on the phone for a while, I roll up my fabric. I think it’s going to work better than having it folded did. First, you can see all of the fabric at once (lots was getting lost in the stacks I had before), and it seems to take up less space, so I’ll have more room to play with.  I’ve decided I need  to find a way to hang my large scale Japanese print fabrics, though. When they’re rolled up, you can’t really tell what they look like.

I’ve also been collecting wire bins (at the thrift store) that will fit on the shelves to hold the scraps that are too small to roll.  I think my favorite container so far is a recycled zippered plastic bag that a set of sheets came in.  Not only can you see what is in it, but is boxed-shaped so it sits up. (It’s in the cube above the yellow and brown fabrics.)

I haven’t made any more progress than this because most of my studio time this week went to machine quilting a piece that I hope to put in our family’s art show this November.  It’s a baby quilt for an inner child, and I’m having an interesting time figuring out how to hang the sucker. The obvious thing would be to just attach it to a larger square of fabric, but I’m not sure I’ll like how that would look…

Quilt for an Inner Child

The studio clean-up/reorganization will continue and I’ll keep you posted as I go.

5 thoughts on “Studio Makeover: Progress and a project”

  1. The beauty of this quilt is that it is extraordinary in it’s shape! Maybe you could make a wood or heavy cardboard frame that mimics the top of the quilt to give it stability and somehow attach it to the back of your piece??? I’m not sure…but I LOVE your concept and the end result!

    1. Thanks for your enthusiastic response. I’m still thinking about how to hang it. I was toying with the idea of making a sleeve for the back that is the same shape as the quilt and then putting something stiff like matboard in it. Only, I need to be able to ship this thing, and this would be awkward since it is roughly 3 feet square.

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