Another Armadillo

This armadillo just surfaced in my messy studio.  It’s an ATC (Artist Trading Card) made by Carol K. Boyer and given to me by her when we were together at a creativity retreat a few years ago.

ATC by Carol K. Boyer
No. 13 in Orange Series 3 by Carol K. Boyer

(The image is a little fuzzy; I have got to get me a scanner!)

This article was written by Kit Dunsmore

Kit Dunsmore is a writer and an artist who wants to live in a castle, own a fire-lizard, or at least get snowed in at the library. A Renaissance woman, she is curious about everything and uses writing as an excuse to learn about whatever she likes.

3 thoughts on “Another Armadillo”

  1. Hello Kit!
    My name is Kim and I found you and your blog through a search for Lynne Perrella and found your Vagabonds post (I think it was last August?). Anyway, you said you attended one of Lynne’s workshops and had glowing reports about it. Well, I’m considering taking a very expensive workshop from Lynne and Anne Bagby (in France!) for a week–hence the price. Thing is I heard good and a couple of bad comments about her and was looking for more info before I spend $2500 — Yikes!

    Would you really recommend taking her workshop–today still? Would you like to do another one with her? Did you learn a lot–enough to make it worth the fee you paid? I would so appreciate it if you wrote a note back telling me what you think. And add anything you think I should know… I know it’s asking a lot–writing even a short note takes time…but I would so so sooo appreciate it! I, like you, love her work and books. And I was so sad to hear the negative comments recently and it made me nervous. But, maybe I don’t need to be nervous…. What do you think? Thanks in advance Kit for your time and consideration and generosity! I really REALLY appreciate it! Thanks…………..~Kim! My email is:

  2. Kit!
    After posting my request comment, I read through your posts with the tag “art”. It was great! I found your “Inspirational Cards” (my term) and they were great! And that list—it’s a fabulous list!! The deck of cards idea is wonderful….did you continue that?? I should do that for myself!! Or…print one up and sell them?!! Now…there’s an idea for you! Go for it! You sound like a fun person…and very creative. Thanks for the peek into your world………~Kim!

    1. Kim, It’s been a while since I took Lynne’s class. What I liked best about her is that she did not get in my way. When she saw I had got the idea of the step we were on, she left me alone to work with my materials. It was a local, one-day workshop, so my time and money investment wasn’t all that great. She gave me permission to do my own thing, and she pushed me some, so that I stretched my artistic boundaries a little. I don’t know what exactly she’ll be teaching at the retreat you’re looking at, so I can’t say whether or not it will be worth it. I didn’t have any trouble with her as a person or her teaching style and I got what I wanted from the class. I can’t say she was the most amazing teacher I ever had, but I was really tired the day of the workshop making me less than a stellar student. I would take another class with her without any reservations. A class with her AND Anne Bagby sounds awesome, although I know nothing about AB as a teacher.

      RE: my deck of inspirational cards: yes, I’ve made some more. I’ll make a point of posting some of the better ones soon.

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