And They’re Off!

What do you think of when you think of November?

a) Thanksgiving

b) Election day

c) Another year is about to disappear

d) Writing a novel in 30 days (or less)

If you answered d, then you already know that November is National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo for short). I’ve participated is this insane event of creativity with an impossible deadline for three years now, and I can’t believe how much fun it is.

Here in Fort Collins, we have an active group of NaNos who get together before, during, and after November to inspire, encourage, challenge, and congratulate each other as we barrel through the month, typing as fast as we can. On Halloween, we have a Kick-off party that runs past midnight, so those who are dying to get started can start writing as soon as possible (12:01 am November 1st).

This year’s party included some great costumes –  the Joker and Two-Face, Cats, Witches, and even a human burrito.

Skyla as the Joker
The Joker

Cats' Cat and Alex from the Clockwork Orange
Cat and Alex (A Clockwork Orange)

Winner of The Coolest Eyelashes Award
Winner of The Coolest Eyelashes Award

What is a loud party of people talking, eating, and drinking, suddenly calms down at 11:50 pm. Everyone finds a place to plug in their laptop and gets comfortable. The MLs (Municipal Liasons, organizers of the local events) pass out emergency supplies that include caffeine, chocolate, sugar, and a good luck Plot Ninja. At midnight, the only sound you can hear is the click of keyboards as everyone dives into their novel.

ML Shmoo Hands Out Essential Supplies
ML Shmoo Hands Out Essential Noveling Supplies

Some of the Fort Collins NaNos at Work
Some of the Fort Collins NaNos at Work

Me (dressed as a Muse) typing as fast as I can
Me, dressed as a Muse and in the Zone

So far I am on track, writing at least 1667 words a day in order to reach the 50K goal by the end of the month. I may find myself falling behind this weekend, however, because I’m going away for a retreat and don’t know if I will have time to write or not. If you want to check on my progress, you can look me up on the NaNoWriMo site (assuming the Author Search has been turned on) under the name of dappled_pony.


Published by

Kit Dunsmore

Kit Dunsmore has believed in the magic underlying the muggle world since she was a child searching for the Shetland pony pooka she was sure was hiding in her back yard. She learned early on that books were magic doors into other worlds, and that she could revisit a beloved character or place by opening the right book. As she grew, she decided she wanted to make magic with words, too. Today Kit writes about things she loves: poodles and dragons, witches and artists, quirky underdogs and loyal friends. Whether her setting is 6th-century England, the imaginary Twelve Kingdoms, or an art-obsessed version of modern America, magic always finds its way into her story. She enjoys turning fairy tales inside out and watching characters sacrifice everything to reach their goal, but she also believes in happy endings. When she isn't writing, Kit experiences magic by making things with her hands. Over the years, she's made quilts, fabric sculptures, collages, sweaters, and blank books. Her newest interest is learning how to spin her own yarn, a skill guaranteed to strengthen one of her many delusions: that she is a self-sufficient pioneer woman. She also thinks she is a hobbit, a witch, an artist, and a good cook. Living in the foothills of Colorado, Kit enjoys the giant skies and prairie landscapes which suit her need for wide open spaces. In addition to hiking through glorious scenery with her husband or imagining herself living in the Middle Ages, Kit works as a pillow for her miniature poodle and polishes the next small piece of her handmade life.

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