Confessions of a Luddite: Technology Can Be Cute

Even though I have a degree in Integrated Science, was a computer programmer for years, and get on a computer at least once a day, I am a Luddite. I have yet to own a cell phone. I scowl at my husband because he navigates with a GPS and his laptop rather than a paper map. I am still getting used to our digital camera and have yet to learn most of its features. The technological wonders of today often hinder rather than help. No Blackberry, Tivo, or digital watch for me.

Here’s the punch line: I bought an MP3 player this week. I’ve been listening to a podcast (FLYlady on Blogtalk Radio) every week and I got tired of being chained to the computer. It was ridiculous to burn a CD to listen to something I intended to listen to only once, so a portable system with temporary storage was the answer.

I started by looking at MP3 players on-line and I quickly found one that attracted me. Apple’s iPod Shuffle was low cost with minimal features. Best of all, it has one big self-explanatory button that covers most of its functions. I could tell just by looking at it how it works. Unwilling to wait for it to be shipped to me, I found a local store that carried it and ran out to buy one.

It was love at first sight. The clean design was enhanced by its size — tiny!

I have small hands
Note: I have small hands

Once I saw it in person, no other player had a chance. I couldn’t resist. It was just too cute not to own.

Since buying it, I’ve been wandering in the land of iTunes, exploring the sample music that came on our PC (annoying junk), and looking forward to listening to music I already own with my adorable iPod. If I keep this up, I’ll have to take off my dented Luddite armor and put it away.

P.S. Not all hope is lost. I just used the beat-up Webster’s that sits by our computer, rather than an on-line dictionary. Some habits die hard.

This article was written by Kit Dunsmore

Kit Dunsmore is a writer and an artist who wants to live in a castle, own a fire-lizard, or at least get snowed in at the library. A Renaissance woman, she is curious about everything and uses writing as an excuse to learn about whatever she likes.

3 thoughts on “Confessions of a Luddite: Technology Can Be Cute”

  1. We have borrowed a friend’s GPS for the trip we are on, and does your husband actually find what he’s looking for? It’s definitely been a mixed bag of results from that little box, and we are *not* giving up our paper maps and the ability to read them! (Plus they never “lose signal.”)

    So the Shuffle works for podcasts?

  2. We hook our GPS up to Kurt’s laptop, which has a mapping program on it. Experience has shown that the GPS doesn’t always get it right. When there aren’t enough satellites in view (like when you are in the bottom of a canyon), the accuracy suffers. Coupled with the map program, it usually does all right, although the program often misdirects us — telling us an exit is to the right instead of the left. Still, we manage to get where we’re going in the end.

    I subscribed to a podcast and iTunes will put it on the Shuffle for me. The Shuffle will play any MP3-format file. The only trick is getting it on there. Still loving its high-tech cuteness.

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