Why Armadillos, Part 4

This week’s topic at Inspire Me Thursday is polka dots, which dovetails beautifully with my armadillo theme, because I happen to own a handmade, polka-dotted armadillo. (How many people can say that?) Made for me by Donna Faivre-Roberts, doll maker extraordinaire, as a going away gift when I left Ithaca, this cutie is about 4 inches long and completely needle felted. Ain’t he sweet?

Needle-felted armadillo by Donna Faivre-Roberts
Needle-felted armadillo by Donna Faivre-Roberts

One thought on “Why Armadillos, Part 4”

  1. He’s adorable. I don’t think there are many people around owning handmade, polka dotted armadillos. Lucky you!

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