The Death of Studio Friday

I’m heartbroken! One of the reasons I wanted to get going with a blog was so I could join in the art fun by submitting thematic pictures of my studio to Studio Friday. When I checked in yesterday, I found that it has been permanently closed. The site shut down back in February, which shows how out of touch I am. In the past, Studio Friday supplied a topic every week, and participants were expected to produce something related to both their studio and the theme with the only real rule being “no pictures of your whole studio allowed”. The picture was posted on the participant’s blog, and the link was put up at the Studio Friday site.

So, in memory of Studio Friday, here are two pictures of the newest thing in my studio: a curtain over the open closet to protect my fabric collection from light. Here’s to better luck getting in with one of the other weekly challenge groups. (I think I’ll look into Inspire Me Thursday next.)

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