When I lived in Ithaca, NY, I belonged to a group of fiber artists known as the Quilt Divas. While I felt outclassed by the talented women in that group, I was also inspired by them. Their enthusiasm infected me and encouraged me to experiment with quilting techniques. They helped me branch out into non-traditional quilting.


It’s been nine years since I left Ithaca and the Quilt Divas behind, and I sometimes blame my low productivity in the sewing studio on the fact that I am no longer meeting with these wonderful artists. Fortunately, they decided to have an anniversary show this summer, and they’ve invited all the members, past and present, to participate.

I spent the last few months making my challenge quilt for the show and as always, making work for a Quilt Diva show pushed me to try new things. I’ll be posting pictures of my quilt and the story behind it on Friday.

I will be at the show opening at the Community School for Music & Arts this Friday night, June 3rd, from 5 to 8 PM. Here are the show details, in case you are in the area this summer (or this Friday!):


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