I Can!

Inspire Me Thursday did just that this week. The theme is "Positivity" and having it in my head as I looked around the last few days has helped me to see lots of positive changes in my life. So I decided to make a page in my journal in honor of the things I have... Continue Reading →

Studio Makeover: Getting Started

I am fortunate enough to have an entire room (with a view) to devote to my many creative interests, which include quilting, soft sculpture, collage, and painting. I had a clear plan for everything when we moved in last January, and for quite a while my studio worked well. I used the book Organizing Your... Continue Reading →

Creativity Cards

I'm always looking for inspiration – something to help me see in a new way. A few years ago, while at an art retreat, I had the bright idea of collecting “jumping off points” from the participants. My plan was to make myself a deck of cards that I could pull from when I felt... Continue Reading →

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