Gone Camping

Happy Friday! Summer's almost over, so we are heading into the mountains to camp, bird, and star-gaze. While I wouldn't want to haul around all the stuff that they had in their campground in The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, I wouldn't mind camping Narnia-style some time. My health this summer has been less... Continue Reading →

Utah 2008: The Big Wind

And now for one of the colorful events that made our trip memorable. We were fortunate enough to get to camp in Goblin Valley State Park. The campground runs next to amazing rock formations and our spot was tucked away a bit, fairly close to a rock wall. Kurt brought our brand-new car camping tent.... Continue Reading →

Cora, Adventure Dog

Cora is an eleven year old German Shepherd with the energy level and mannerisms of an eleven month old puppy. I adopted her from the SPCA in Ithaca, NY. She's been with me for nine years now. Cora loves hiking, walking, catching frisbees, and chasing rabbits. She is easily distracted (I think she has doggy... Continue Reading →

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