A Dandelion for Alex

When I was an undergraduate (over thirty years ago), I spent a year working with Alex, the African gray parrot who was part of Dr. Irene Pepperberg’s research project on animal cognition. My experience with Alex included some unforgettable lessons. One of the greatest I learned from Beatrix Gardner, one of the researchers who taught the chimpanzee Washoe sign language.

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Keep Looking For The Light

When I decided to make Sunny my word for the year, I didn’t realize 2021 would take it as a dare. I had to do a lot of deep breathing just to get through the chaos and surprises of this week. I’ve kept my focus on the positive despite everything, and accepted the fact that the strange times we are living in didn’t evaporate on January 1st.

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My Word for 2021: Sunny

In saying goodbye to 2020, I decided I wanted to choose a one-word theme for 2021. While I haven’t had the spike of “time to get my act together” energy I usually have around the turn of the year, I have been reflecting on what I would like to be different. I prefer intentions to resolutions, and since I can’t change the world, I’ve decide to change my attitude. My plan is to have a sunny 2021.

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Advent Calendar Project: Birds and Hearts

Christmas has come and gone, but I am still making more ornaments for my Advent Calendar Project. After warming up … More Advent Calendar Project: Birds and Hearts