Pandemic Project: Beaded Butterfly

Ever since March, I’ve felt like my brain isn’t working all that well. Something about the COVID-19 lockdown and the life changes that have gone with it has made it very hard for me to do things I would normally find only mildly challenging.

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What My Birding Mistakes Have Taught Me About Racism

When it comes to birding, I constantly make mistakes. I think I know what is true, but I don’t. I discover my errors by taking the time to learn what is real for myself. My observations often challenge my assumptions and have recently taught me an important lesson about racism.

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Change Starts With Kindness

It feels like the whole world is on fire. So many difficult and horrible things are happening right now and there is no end in sight. But the disruption from COVID-19 isn’t just an obstacle. It’s also an opportunity to examine our old ways and imagine new ones. How do we start?

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Speak Up and Do Better

I’ve spent the last two weeks struggling to write this blog post. My dilemma: Should I post about the Black Lives Matter movement? I don’t normally talk about human rights. I’m a well-to-do white woman who hasn’t had to face the violence and discrimination a black American does. And I’m far behind the rest of the crowd in even broaching this topic. What can I possibly have to say?

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Winging It: Embroidering a Kestrel

When I recently got the bug for embroidery, I got out my box of embroidery supplies, eager to do something with thread. Most of my past projects have been kits or patterns, giving me instructions to follow and taking all the decision-making out of the process. This time, it wasn’t enough. I wanted to experiment and decided it was time to wing it.

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