Studio Makeover: Fabric Rolled

It’s taken a few weeks, but I finally got all the fabric that was in the cubes rolled up, put into a basket (if it was too small for rolling), or hung up (if it was too big or had a large motif that was hidden when rolled).

shelves_smallAs you can see, I have some more storage space, but that’s good, because this actually isn’t all of the fabric. I have several large boxes of fabric that are set aside for specific projects and when those projects are finished, I’ll be adding what’s left of those fabrics back to the stash. So a little empty space is good.

My worktable has remained manageable, which is fortunate, because I have been busy making cards for friends.

worktable_small(OK, it’s hard to tell, but really, there’s enough room there for me to sit down with a sheet of paper and draw, paint, glue, whatever.)

And I’m still making mattresses for The Gift of Sensitivity, although mostly I’ve been collecting materials for the next batch.

matressMaterials_smallNow that the weather is getting more summer like (more sun, less rain), I don’t have quite as much time for sewing as I did.

Next to do in the studio:??? I’ve been collecting little display shelves for one of the walls and it may be time to put those up in order to get some of my inspirational things, as well as finished projects, on display and off my work surfaces. Either that, or I need to start going through the boxes in the closet and on the shelves and really organizing things. For example, the majority of my doll-making supplies are in a single box, which means lots of different things thrown together. As I learned a few years ago when I took the time to sort all my beads into separate containers, organized supplies get used. Unorganized ones do not.

What do you think?

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